Silent Killers

Yes. The name itself sounds like a horror movie. You won’t have a slightest idea, that they are already after you and it’s just a matter of time when one day, you will realize that they are killing you. Unfortunately, for most us, it will be too late. Either you will be dead or at the mouth of death.

Rotary Club of Pokhara New Road and Advanced Poly Clinic Pokhara Branch had previously joined hands to fight against these silent killers in Pokhara.

Who are they – these silent killers?

They are Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High blood pressure and Cancer. They are called silent killers, because they do not cause any symptoms. First symptoms may be death or heart attack, stroke and paralysis. Often, when first symptoms appear they have already irreversibly damaged your internal organs and health. These silent killers, 50 years back were rare in Nepal. But due to massive urbanization and change of life style in cities, these silent killers are increasing in alarming rates. Yes, these silent killers are getting more and more aggressive and invading more and more younger population especially in cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara and other large cities. Unfortunately, due lack of knowledge and awareness regarding these killers in Nepalese population, Nepalese are taken by surprise.

Diabetes is a disease that causes high blood sugar, which does not have any symptoms for at least first 6 months, and can lead to heart attack, kidney failure, blindness and amputation of limbs.

High cholesterol is an increased level of fat in your blood and does not have any symptoms ever. The first symptoms are either heart attack and sudden death or stroke and paralysis.

High blood pressure 95% of population do not have any symptoms. First symptoms are stroke and paralysis, kidney failure or heart failure.

Cancer– all stage one and mostly early stage two cancers do not cause any symptoms. But once symptoms of cancer starts- it has usually already spread and incurable.

It is now time to be aware and fight these silent killers before they take your life. Have you ever heard of “Prevention is better than Cure”? I guess you had. But are you following the advice of this old proverb? The only way to prevent these diseases is healthy life style.

1. Exercise regularly. Medical science is yet to invent a medicine, which is better than regular exercise. Just put on shoes and walk 5 km everyday. Or just ride a bicycle. Or just do your favorite sport. Doctors’ prescription is not required. And the best news is: it’s free.

2. Healthy and balanced diet. First question you will ask is what should I avoid? The good news is you do not have to avoid anything. You can eat anything you like but your diet should be balanced and in adequate amount. Do not over eat. Give priority to more vegetable, fruits, nuts, fish and curd. Avoid fast foods.

3. Learn to cope with mental stress. Meditation and yoga will help to relax your mind and body.

4. Quit bad habits– specially smoking and tobacco chewing.

Your healthy life style will decrease your chance of being attacked by silent killers several times, but do not forget there are vaccines that can prevent these diseases even more. These vaccines will keep you safe for a year. These vaccines are not true vaccines. These vaccines are regular health check ups. Check your blood sugars, cholesterol, blood pressure and screen for cancers every year. This is the only way to be certain that these silent killers are not affecting you – by living a healthy life style and doing regular check ups.

People of Nepal- Wake up, before these silent killers will wake you up. Let us declare a war against these silent killers. Come and check your health at Advanced Poly Clinic, and share your knowledge with others. Live Healthy. Be Free. Save your money, save your health and save your life. 

Author: Dr. Denis Shrestha MD is a Consultant Cardiologist and Managing Director at Advanced Poly Clinic.