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Executive Health Plan - EHP

Be Different! Stay Free!! Live Full!!!

Did you know that we can predict if you are going have a Heart Attack or Stroke in next one year? Did you know that we can prevent it? Did you know that we can as well predict Diabetes, high blood pressure and other life threatening diseases? So far we have already done more than 15000 Executive health checkups, and more than 2500 lives saved by preventing life threatening diseases. We are the best preventive health care service provider in Nepal with Zero Error Reports.

Don’t fear Heart Attacks, Cancer nor Stroke! Want to play tennis or golf at the age of 75? Successful people visit us every year for Executive Health Check up! Have you?

EHP Include

Physician's Consultation (OPD)


2nd Doctor's Consultation (OPD)


CBC - Complete Blood Count, ESR


Fasting Blood Sugar

Post Prandial (PP) Blood Sugar


RFT - Renal (Kidney) Function Test

LFT - Liver Function Test

Lipid (Cholesterol) Profile

Uric Acid

TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

Urine Rountine Test

Stool Routine Test

Chest X-ray

HbA1c, Vit D, Calcium

USG - Ultrasound of Abdomen & Pelvis

ECG - Electrocardiogram

ECHO - Echocardiography

TMT - Treadmill Stress ECG

Regular Price NPR 28,302.00

NPR 14,900.00 (you save: NPR 13,403.00)


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EHP Health Package

Additional Information to Patients

When are these tests performed?

These tests are performed 7 am onwards every day, including on holidays. You should not have taken any food for at least 8 hours prior to taking these tests.

How long does it take?

Just 2.5 hours. However you will need to come back exactly 2 hours after lunch to give blood sample for PP Blood Sugar. Reports will be ready the next day.

Prior appointment is necessary in order to make your stay at APC efficient and as short as possible.


Dr. Denis Shrestha MD

Senior Consultant Cardiologist
  22 years experience


Dr. Rishi Katri MBBS, MRCP

Senior Consultant Cardiologist
  32 years experience


Dr. Ranjit Baral MD, PhD

Senior Consultant Cardiologist
  32 years experience


Dr. Ranjeet Sharma MD

Senior Consultant Cardiologist
  22 years experience

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