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Neuro-Psychiatry service is regularly provided by our experienced Neuro-psychiatric consultants in our clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal. These days due to increase in mental stress and change in life style depressive illness has been very common in Nepal. Our psychiatrists are well experienced in dealing with exactly these depressive and anxiety conditions, not just with medications but with proper counseling as well.

Depression and anxiety can become very notorious, hard to treat and leads to a decrease in our productivity significantly. Most often we don’t even know that we are already suffering from depression as their common symptoms are just lethargy, energy-less, headaches, numbness of limbs, gastritis, palpitations, shortness of breath, etc. We often think that something is wrong with head or heart or nerves or just stomach, which can actually be symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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Dr. Ajit Gurung MBBS, MD

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist
  28 years experience

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