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Radiology & Ultrasound

Radiology and Ultrasound services are one of the strongest diagnostic department of our clinic in Kathmandu.

They are lead by senior Radiologists with state of the art Ultrasound Machine and X-ray machine with computerized digital image processing.

Radiology services are:

  1. X-ray of any part of the body
  2. Ultrasound (USG) scan of abdomen
  3. Ultrasound scan during pregnancy
  4. Ultrasound (USG) of Breast
  5. Renal (Kidney) artery Doppler study
  6. Carotid artery Doppler
  7. Peripheral (limbs) Doppler study
  8. USG of thyroid gland and other small part of the body

Our radiologist in Kathmandu clinic:

  1. Dr. Saroj Sharma MBBS, MD