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Pediatrics – Child well being

Pediatrics – Child well being

Both of our clinics in Nepal; Pokhara and Kathmandu, have well established pediatric services with specialized and well trained pediatricians. All our pediatricians are young, dynamic and pleasing character who can get along well even with small kids. We can tolerate when we are sick, but when it comes to our children – No way! We want to know instantly whats going on and how to ease the suffering of our children immediately. This just can’t wait. Understanding how we prioritize our children’s illness our services are customized accordingly. We have several pediatricians on the loop and on call through out the opening hours of the clinic. Whenever you require to see a pediatrician, depending on the situation, we call them instantly in case they are not in the clinic at that moment.

We as well have a special Child Health Plan (CHP), a routine health check-up package specially designed for children. Regular check up, monitoring the well being, physical and mental growth of the child, all these services are provided in both of our clinics in Pokhara and Kathmandu, Nepal.

Routine vaccination and immunization are also provided in both of our clinics.

Our Pediatrician in Kathmandu Clinic, Nepal:

  1. Dr. Aarati Shakya MD

Our Pediatricians in Pokhara Clinic, Nepal:

  1. Dr. Sujan Sayami MBBS, MD
  2. Dr. Prabha Mainali MBBS, MD