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Cardiology Department of Advanced Poly Clinic is the most developed and strongest department in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have fully equipped non-invasive cardiology lab with the latest state of the art equipment.

All the doctors are well-trained cardiologists and highly experienced senior consultants of Nepal.

OPD Consultation

OPD Consultations are done by experienced and senior Cardiologists of Nepal. Cardiology is one of the strongest department in APC.

Cardiology Team:

  1. Dr. Rishi Khatri
  2. Dr. Ranjeet Sharma
  3. Dr. Ranjit Baral
  4. Dr. Denis Shrestha
  5. Dr. Minalma Pandey


Echocardiography or as frequently called just ECHO is ultrasound of the heart. Today Echo has literally replaced the old conventional stethoscope for a cardiologist. With Echo, Cardiologist can see all the chambers of the heart, all the valves, all the layers of the heart and pumping action of all the chambers in real time. Even the the blood flow through all the valves and in chambers can be easily seen in Echo with Colour Doppler. Today every cardiologist is helpless without Echo. This is very important tool to diagnose all sorts of heart disease including the pumping capacity of the heart chambers, conditions of all the valves (narrowing or leakage of valve), size of the chambers, congenital (birth-defects) heart conditions and many more.


TMT-Treadmill Test


Treadmill Test – TMT – is a Stress ECG test. As the name itself says – this is ECG done by giving stress to your heart while walking on the treadmill. This test is the only test that can predict heart attack. Coronary Artery disease can be diagnosed by doing TMT and thus take preventive measures to prevent heart attack. TMT is the easiest, cheapest and safest method for detection of coronary artery disease and preventing heart attack. We at APC give a guarantee that if your TMT test is Negative (Normal) you are safe from having a heart attack for a year. This LIFE SAVING test is also part of preventive health check-up packages at APC.

At APC, although all our Cardiac Nurses are experts on performing TMT, always our cardiologists perform the test themselves.

ABP- 24 hours Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

ABP – Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring – is a special test to monitor Blood pressure during 24 hours. A small automatic Blood Pressure (BP) monitoring device is connected, which measures and records blood pressure periodically through out 24 hours. Then this data is transferred into computer and analyzed. This test is very helpful to diagnose a condition known as White Coat hypertension, when patients blood pressure is high only while visiting a doctor due to anxiety and fear factor and at other times the blood pressure is normal. This test is also useful when cardiologist needs to decide whether to start blood pressure medicines or not, and also to evaluate if existing medicines are controlling the blood pressure as required or not.


Holter – 24 hours ECG Monitoring


Holter Monitoring is 24 hours or 48 hours ECG monitoring without staying in the hospital. ECG electrodes are attached on the chest and connected to a recording device, which continuously records the ECG signal. You are allowed to go home and carry out your routine activities. Later these data are downloaded in computer and analyzed by a cardiologist. This test is very helpful to diagnose all types of rhythm abnormality (arrhythmia) of heart.

Doppler Study of Blood Vessels

Doppler Study of Blood vessels are done by Ultrasound machine, with a special technique known as Doppler and Colour Doppler, which measures the velocity of blood flow inside the blood vessels. This is helpful to study the blood flow inside blood vessels and diagnose conditions such as narrowing of the blood vessels.

Most commonly Doppler studies are done for Carotid arteries (blood vessels of neck, that supply blood to brain), Renal Artery (blood vessel that supply blood to kidneys) and Peripheral Doppler (blood vessels that supply blood to legs – both arteries and veins).

PFT – Pulmonary Function Test


Pulmonary function test (PFT) which is also commonly called Spirometry, is a very simple test to diagnose the disease of lungs and airway. This test is most commonly done to diagnose and access Bronchial Asthma. The severity of asthma and treatment efficacy is judged by PFT.

PFT is also a part of preventive health check-up packages (whole body check up): Executive Health Plan (EHP) and Comprehensive Advanced Medical Plan (CAMP) at Advanced Polyclinic.

Heart Health Packages

At APC, we strongly believe that quality health care must include two fundamental elements: appropriate treatment for current illnesses, and appropriate preventive care to minimize future health problems.

APC has been regularly conducting health checkup packages for the prevention and early detection of life-threatening diseases.

Heart Health Packages in APC:
1. Comprehensive Cardiac Checkup (CCC)

2. Quick Cardiac Checkup (QCC)

3. Comprehensive Advanced Medical Plan (CAMP)

4. Executive Health Plan (EHP)

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