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Advanced Fertility Clinic

Advanced Fertility Clinic

We have sent our senior-most Gynecologist and Medical Lab Technologist for specialized training in Infertility Treatment to India. After purchasing state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment, we have
now started full-fledged Advanced Fertility Clinic.

Sometimes it takes more than love to have baby.

We are here to help you. If you are married for quite some time and could not have a baby we can screen for the cause of infertility with our state of the art diagnostic equipment and lab right here in Pokhara with highly qualified doctors and staffs. Then depending on the results of the test we can start the treatment for infertility.

Sometimes just some stimulating medicine can create magic. But often a sophisticated procedure known as Intra-Uterine-Insemenation (IUI) is required. This procedure takes the sperm from husband, processes in the lab, cleans to make more effective and artificially inserted into the uterus at the exact right time of ovulation. Right time of ovulation is as well monitored by a procedure called Follicular Monitoring. This insertion is usually done two or three times.

If the IUI procedure fails- then the procedure called IVF (In vitro fertilization, also known as Test tube Baby) is required. Which requires long term preparation (almost a month). Thus, this will decrease your stay in Kathmandu or abroad and make things much easier.

Fertility Services include:

1. Screening for Female Infertility

2. Screening for Male Infertility

3. Hormone tests

4. Ultrasound, including TVS (Transvaginal Scan)

5. HSG- to check if tubes are not blocked

6. PAP smear

7. Others