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Covid19 Update 5

Published 20th March 2020.

As volume of information are increasing day by day with increase in number of Covid19 patients, even most reliable source of information (reputed medical journals, associations, organizations like WHO, CDC and from experience of doctors in the front-line) are coming conflicting from one Country to another. So it is really difficult to present the information in 100% certain, regarding the prevention and treatment of Covid19 patients at the moment and guidelines are changing day by day and sometimes hour by hour.
Simple example of conflicting data is on death rate: of Italy is 8.3%, whereas death rate in Germany is 0.3% only. Similar conflicting information are coming for the spread rate, viral activity in different weather and temperature, and prevention: what works and what doesn’t work – just like simple medical mask vs N95 respirators.
We tried to compile only non-conflicting information and skip those that are still debated or uncertain.

As of this writing:
Total Number of Confirmed cases Worldwide: 247,671
Death: 10,179
Total Number in India 214. Death – 4. 40% local transmission. 60% imported cases. We are presenting data of India, because of our close ties, and open border.

In Nepal:
Active cases = Zero
Total tests done: 546
Negative: 545.

One case of high probability for Covid19 from Scotland, admitted in Teku hospital – have tested Negative 2 times. Because he had a high probability for Covid19, he is tested 3rd time and reports are still awaited. Hope it comes negative as well.

We have asked several doctors in ICUs of several hospitals inside Kathmandu, if they have any patients with atypical pneumonia. The answers were “No”.

All data are suggesting that we do not have Covid19 outbreak YET.
Now its in our hands to keep it that way. Every citizen needs to take complete responsibility on prevention. Even one person can become a source of outbreak.

Reviewing datas from all over the World these are the most effective ways of preventing outbreaks:
1. Social distancing and staying home as much as possible.
2. Washing hands frequently.
3. Self isolation in home if you have cold or flu like symptoms.
4. Self-quarantine on arrival to Country – by strictly following rules of self quarantine.
5. Do not go to crowded places, specially hospitals unless its an emergency.

Its been 80 days since the first outbreak in China and so far Nepal managed to prevent the outbreak. If we can hold on another 60 days, and hopefully warmer weather will slow down the pandemic, just like during SARS=1 epidemics. But there are no concrete data to prove this statement. But we didn’t record even a single case during SARS -1 outbreak. Lets hope similar results for SARS -2 (Covid19).

Requesting our patients only to attend our services in case of emergencies. Regular check ups can be done after this pandemics are over. If you have fever and cold/flu like symptoms, please call us at 444-33-86 and we will consult you over the phone. If you will have to visit us then we will take necessary precaution to prevent the spread of any kind of infectious disease.

Stay safe. Lets make Nepal safe.
Stay tuned.

by Dr. Denis Shrestha

Don’t Panic and Stay Calm.