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Covid19 Update 8

Update 8
7th April 2020

The Myths and Facts!

As there are lots of myths and anecdotal facts circulating in Social Media including in YouTube about how to prevent or treat Covid19, we did some research on them to analyze if any of those were true.

  1. Covid19 can not be transmitted in hot and humid climates.
    There are wide spread theories that Covid19 cannot be transmitted in hot and humid climates and once temperature will start increasing Covid19 will disappear. But recent spread pattern to hot and humid Countries have proven that Covid19 CAN be transmitted in hot and humid climates. Do not stop all preventive measures like washing hands, social distancing and wearing masks even when weather starts getting hotter.
  2. Cold temperatures and snow kills Corona Virus.
    Body temperature remains 37 degrees Celsius through out not depending on outside temperature. As seen Covid19 is easily transmitted from one person to another and Covid19 will find a favorable environment inside the body to start invasion. So taking an ice chilled bath or a shower will NOT kill Corona virus.
  3. Taking Hot bath prevents Covid19 infection.
    As mentioned above body temperature remains 37 degrees, independent to surrounding temperature. So taking a hot bath will NOT prevent you from catching the Covid19 virus, in fact, taking showers with very high temperature water can be harmful as it may burn your skin. Best way to avoid viral infection is by washing your hands frequently, where corona viruses are located to infect you while touching your face, mouth and eyes.
  4. Exposing yourself to Sun, and temperature more than 25 degrees prevent Covid19 infection.
    You can catch Covid19 no matter how sunny or warm it is outside. Countries with hot and humid weather are still affected with new corona virus.
  5. Hand Driers are effective in killing Corona Virus
    No. Hand Driers are not effective in killing Corona virus. Only washing hands with alcohol based solution or soap will kill Corona virus effectively
  6. Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body will kill Corona Virus.
    No. Once you are infected with Covid19, it lives inside your body and spraying alcohol or chlorine solution over your skin doesn’t kill Covid19 virus. Alcohol and chlorine might be harmful as it will burn and irritate your skin
  7. Wearing gloves protects you from Corona Virus while shopping or going outside.
    No. While wearing gloves you will be touching all sorts of surfaces contaminated with germs. While wearing gloves, it gives you the false feeling of security and so you touch more surfaces than usual and you do not wash gloved hands as well. These germs will remain on your gloves and can then be transferred back to your car or home, thus making it potentially more dangerous. Gloves are for medics who will be taking care of Covid19 sick patients, trained properly not to touch any surfaces while gloved on. Washing your hands frequently is 1000 better protection than wearing gloves
  8. Wearing N95 masks will prevent Covid19 infection.
    N95 masks will not completely prevent Covid19 infections and less effective than washing hands regularly. N95 mask, surgical mask or any multi-layer material mask is more effective to prevent spread from Covid19 patients to other people. As Covid19 is airborne to certain levels, it is recommended to wear mask in order to prevent spreading the virus from us to others, and prevent community spread, even if we do not have symptoms, because we might be in asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic stage and still capable of spreading the virus.
  9. Regularly rinsing your nose with water or saline prevents Covid19.
    No. There is no evidence that rinsing your nose regularly will prevent any kind of respiratory disease.
  10. Garlic can prevent Corona Virus infection.
    No. Although Garlic is a healthy food, there is no evidence to support that eating Garlic will prevent Covid19 infection.
  11. Can Ultraviolet disinfection lamp kill the corona virus?
    UV lights should not be used to disinfect hands and skin as it is harmful, causes irritation and may cause cancer. UV light may also cause blindness.
  12. 10 Seconds hold-breath test?
    It is NOT TRUE that if you can hold your breath for 10 seconds then you do not have Covid19. You can hold your breath for 10 seconds and more if you are infected with Covid19. Most common symptoms of Covid19 are fever, cough and tiredness.
  13. Does drinking Alcohol prevent Covid19?
    No. Drinking alcohol is harmful and causes other health problems and DOES NOT prevent Corona virus infection.
  14. Thermal scanner can detect Covid19
    No. Thermal scanners only detect patients with fever. Many Covid19 patients might not be having any fever specially at incubation and initial stage of infection.
  15. Only older people are mostly infected with Covid19.
    Covid19 infects all ages equally – young and old. Older people and people with high risk have more chances of complication and death.
  16. Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine are effective in treatment and are the preventions of Corona Virus.
    Till today, no medicine is proven or approved for new Corona Virus prevention and treatment. Chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and other antiviral Remdesivir as currently undergoing clinical trials to know for a fact if these medicines actually work. So far it is NOT proven. These medicines can cause fatal heart rhythm problems. DO NOT USE THEM on your own.
  17. NSAIDs, and some medicines used for Blood Pressure increases risk of death.
    No. Covid19 virus invades the body through ACE-2 receptors. There were theories circulating that medicines used for blood pressure that inhibits (ACE-inhibitors) or blocks (ARB) maybe cause more severe Viral invasion. But this theory has not been proven by any researches, and some were even publishing that these medicines may actually help to fight with Covid19 invasion. Till now, cardiologists have recommended not to stop these life saving blood pressure medicines.
    Same is true for Ibuprofen (Brufen): there is no evidence that these medicines worsens the course of disease.

Compiled and researched by Dr. Denis Shrestha

Don’t Panic and Stay Calm.

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