Breast Cancer Screening by Ultrasound

Women between age 40 to 60 are most prone for Breast Cancers. It is one of the leading cause of death in Women at early age.
The Cancer Society of all Countries recommend every woman must screen for Breast Cancer every year between age 40 to 50 and every two years between age 50 to 60.
If detected early all Breast Cancers can be completely cured. But once the cancer spreads it is almost impossible to cure it and will ultimately lead to death.

How to screen for Breast Cancer?
So far, the most recommended Breast Cancer screening has been Mammography done every year between age 40 to 50 and every 2 years between age 50-60. This is well-established Cancer Screening diagnostic test in developed countries. But in recent years after development of more and more efficient Ultrasound machines and technologies, Breast Ultrasound is gradually replacing the Mammogram. Moreover, in developing Countries like Nepal, the availability of Mammogram is difficult and because of its high cost, affordability is also an issue.

Recently, the research and studies have revealed that Breast ultrasound is as accurate as Mammogram on detecting Breast Cancers, and lot of centers in the World, specially in developing Countries have started doing Breast Ultrasound as a screening tool for Breast Cancers.

More and more studies and research now have proven that Breast Ultrasound is equally effective in Breast Cancer Screening and it is doesn’t have any physical discomfort nor any radiation hazard as in the case of Mammography.
Specially, for women age between 30 -40 years, whose breast tissue are dense, Mammogram is not as accurate in detecting cancers and Breast Ultrasound is more effective and accurate in diagnosing Breast Cancer for young women.

We personally prefer Breast Ultrasound for breast cancer screening, because of its ease and comfort to women, safety and as well as its equal accuracy in comparing with Mammogram and no radiation hazard.

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