Surviving from Aftermath of Earthquake!

Surviving from Aftermath of Earthquake. What YOU can do to HELP!

It is well known that aftermath of Earthquake can be more destructive and take more lives than the Earthquake itself. But if acted on time this can be prevented or limited to minimal damage and can save many lives.

The immediate effect of Earthquake results in:
1.    Mass Destruction of man-made structures and houses, landslides and flash floods
2.    Mass loss of human and livestock’s lives by falling of these man-made structures or landslides
3.    Lack of shelter, clean drinking water, food
4.    Lack of proper toilets, latrines and proper waste disposals
5.    Difficulty of getting medical help or getting out due to either destruction of roads or lack of roads
6.    Crowding of survivals in one place for shelters in relief camps.

These then leads to immediate aftermath effect of Earthquake, mainly:
Spread of communicable infective diseases such as Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid, Hepatitis A & E and Influenza. These diseases can potentially outbreak to become epidemic and take many lives. Especially young children and elderly are most susceptible and may die.

The cause of these outbreaks are Microorganisms – mainly Bacteria and Viruses.
They are transmitted to humans through Oral route, i.e. by eating food or drinking water contaminated by these Microorganisms. Thus, all our efforts must be directed towards:
1.    Preventing contamination of these organisms to food and water. Here most important role plays proper sanitation, proper toilets and latrines, keeping the surrounding of the relief camps and crowded area clean, proper waste disposals. Spraying of Chlorine (powder or liquid) regularly in the toilets and areas of waste.
2.    Hygiene: washing hands with soap before eating and after toilet.
3.    Drinking only clean water disinfected either by boiling or by chlorine
4.    Eating only properly cooked foods and avoid raw vegetables.
5.    Wearing masks. Helps during influenza outbreak.
6.    Isolating people with diarrhea and fever. Separate tents and toilets for them.
In short: Hygiene, hygiene an hygiene.


What can YOU do to HELP?

You can help
1.    By spreading this awareness at the effected areas.
2.    Providing proper shelter, food and clean water and water disinfectant to victims
3.    Help them build a temporary Latrine and teach them on disinfecting it with chlorine.
4.    Patients with diarrhea and fever need to be isolated and treated as soon as possible.
5.    Most important you yourself have to follow these and stay healthy and not become a potential source of spreading the disease.
6.    You can join one of our team as a volunteer to go to Earthquake effected area and help by giving awareness to the villagers, or help us build the latrine or just any kind of help.
7.    You can help us by providing medical supplies, diagnostic kits. Any help is precious at the moment.

Or you can join us. What will we be doing?
1.    We will be going to Earthquake affected areas. Do a quick medical survey of the area. Identify potential sources and potential environment for disease outbreak.
2.    We will give awareness and distribute awareness leaflets
3.    Screen the people with diarrhea and fever by our doctors
4.    On spot lab test for the stool and blood for early diagnosis of Cholera, dysentery and typhoid.
5.    Treatment of sick patients.
6.    Help in isolation of the sick.
7.    Follow up in later dates.
8.    We will try to collaborate with other organizations who are involved in providing relief materials, but do not have a medical team, and also try to have a team who can build the temporary latrines (toilets)

If you want to help or have any suggestions or questions please feel free to contact us.

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