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Tips on staying healthy during hot summer days

Hot summer days in Kathmandu and other places of Nepal are associated with increased illness of different kinds. Mostly incidences of infective diseases in hot summer days increase. Most common and serious among them in Nepal are Typhoid fever and Hepatitis (jaundice). Food infections with diarrheal diseases (amoebiasis, cholera, etc) and food poisoning are very common. As, in hot days bacterial and viral growth rate are higher than in cold winter days, other infections like meningitis, malaria (due to increased activity of mosquitoes) are also high.
Apart from infections heat stroke, skin burns and skin diseases need to be mentioned. Excessive sweating in hot days are commonly associated with dehydration which will cause headaches, weakness and fatigue, kidney problem and kidney stone formations.

Important Tips on staying healthy for those who live a busy schedule

Help yourself live a healthier and longer life.
Undergoing Executive health plan (EHP) in Advanced Poly Clinic once a year is like taking your vehicle for regular servicing to make it serve us for long.

Healthy snacks: Do not stay empty stomach for a longer period of time. Eat frequently and choose foods and drinks that are low in calories, sugar and fat. E.g.: fruits and nuts. Drink plenty of water.

Physical activity: Do any physical activity that interests you. E.g. playing games or yoga. Or just walk 30 minutes, 5 days a week. Remaining two days a week do stretching exercise.

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